Frequently Asked Questions

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Membership FAQs

What is the time frame for membership?

LASACT Memberships are active and eligible for renewal every calendar year, from January – December.

What is the reinstatement fee?

The reinstatement fee is $25 paid after March 31st if you are  renewing your membership.  To avoid paying the renewal fee plus the reinstatment fee, you must renew your membership before March 31st.

What are the benefits of the membership?

Benefits of having a LASACT membership include reduced rates for conferences, reduced rates for some of the CEUs, and advocating for the membership both statewide and nationally.

Credentialing FAQs

What is the process for applying to test?

Candidate must contact the ADRA for verification that they meet the requirements to test for said credential. The ADRA sends them an email verifying they are eligible to test. This email also includes a Test Payment Form that needs to be submitted to LASACT with the required payment and a copy of the ADRA's approval email.

After submitting the Test Payment Form to LASACT, how long does it take to schedule a test?

Once the Test Payment Form is received with a copy of ADRA’s approval email and the payment, LASACT will enter this information into the SMT Testing site.  Almost immediately SMT will generate an email to the candidate with instructions on how to proceed with selecting a testing date, time, and location to test.

After completing testing, when do I receive my results?

Testing results are generated immediately upon completion of the test.  The candidate leaves with a score verification letter and will also receive a domain breakdown letter a couple of days after testing.

What is the process if an unfavorable score is received?

A time period of 90 days is required between retesting dates.  Candidate must begin the process again by requesting fromLASACT (not ADRA) a Test Payment Form and submitting to LASACT  the completed form with payment and ADRA verification email.  (All testing must be completed by the expiration date on ADRA’s email).  LASACT enters information into the SMT site and candidate receives an email from SMT with instructions on how to proceed with selecting date, time, location to test.

Education FAQs

How are LACT classes conducted?

LACT classes are held via ZOOM for one weekend a month on Friday (1:00pm - 9:00pm) and Saturday (8:00am - 5:00pm). The LACT yearly class schedule can be found under the Education tab.

Which of the following LACT Faculty Members do I contact for a specific service?

You may contact the LACT Director, Nya Skipper for enrollment, billing, tuition aid, LRS aid, and admissions status.

How do I qualify for the LACT Scholarship?

Any and students that are accepted into the LACT program AUTOMATICALLY qualify for the LACT Scholarship. No further action is required. The scholarship is applied to the students tutuion balance, however it does not cover LASACT Annual Membership dues of $90 and the initial one time LACT material fee payment of $95. To retain your LACT scholarship, your LASACT Membership must be active and you must attend class. Students that miss class will be billed for the missed days at a rate of 1 day ($50) and 1 weekend ($100).

Am I still able to enroll with a felony charge?

Students who's debts have been paid to society are eligible to enroll.
*Excluding felony sex offenses

What univeristy hours that I already have apply toward the 300 hours needed to apply to be a CIT?

You must contact the ADRA to see how many university hours you have earned can apply toward the 300 hours needed to apply to become a CIT.